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Hello! This page is for your reference.  

Fonts, Font Sizes, Font Colors

Your website's customization includes custom fonts, font sizes, font colors as well as customizations to headings. These customizations are located in your stylesheet under Website > Custom CSSThere are additional styles used under  Website > Color and Font Options  which set the base font size for your site, font size for your menu, menu color and hover colors, as well as your body font color , link colors, and hover colors.

Please note, when editing a web page, you will likely not see a preview of these customizations in the page editor. However, once you save your web page, and view the web page in your browser live, you will see the custom formatting applied.

  • Your paragraph / body font is: [ name ]
  • Your headings (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc) font is: [ name ]

If you would like to make changes globally to the Fonts, Font Sizes, Font Colors on your website, you would make those changes in the stylesheet under Website > Custom CSS. If you are not familiar with CSS, you can request that we assist you making changes.

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Learning / Education / Resources

Here are a few curated pages that are very important. If we've set up your website for you or migrated your content from another website, you will want to spend some time reviewing the links below. There's a lot of great features included in the website service, so be sure to review them so you know how the work. If you ever have any questions, please open a support ticket. Be sure to use your own personal user login, and include your organization's account number when opening a ticket.

Tips and FAQ's

Below is a visual example of the custom styles that have been set up in your stylesheet.

Page Title and Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 4 button

Important! Always use Paste as Plain Text when copy/pasting from another source.

Use the dropdown in the page editor to select Normal for paragraph text, and headings. You will not see the pre-view while working on the page editor. But when you save and view the page live, you will see the fonts, colors, sizes etc from your stylesheet applied.

Paragraph Text

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This is what a link will look like.

Bulleted text

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